Newbie - Introduction

Hi there,

Thought I would introduce myself and hopefully share my experience and learn from others..

I was diagnosed in April of this year as a stage 1b1 squamous cell cancer. I had a radical vaginal trachelectomy and lymph node removal which left me with numbness in my left left but got rid of the cancer. Unfortunately my uterus has closed over now and I haven't had a period since the operation so I'm going back to hospital to be dilated.

I'm pretty scared that I won't be able to have a child now, which sucks because I was about to start trying, and I'm 36.

Hopefully some of you can give me a little hope that a child might still be in my future.

Cheshire xx

Hi I just wanted to come on and wish you luck for your proceedure. The surgeons are amazing at what they do so I will hope and pray that they give you a success story x