Newbie help please


I wanted some help I've had numerous colposcopy over the last 18 months one was clear but the rest have always been cin 1/2

My last was in December and results came back as a cin 3. 

So I was booked in for Thursday just gone for a LEEP. 

I read everything I could ie pain factor, bleeding, complications 

Although the last one I don't know about I've had nothing no pain cramps bleeding is this normal so say?

I did have 4 injections and could still feel the final part 

Can someone tell me if my period will be normal I'm due next Friday 

And when can I carry on as normal my dr said when discharge stops but I so far have none 


Sorry not to be able to offer any advice as I have not been through that procedure. If you are worried try your local macmillan team or go back to your dr. They are used to people phoning them about their concerns. Good luck.