Newbie!! Feeling a little worried

Morning All!! I am new to this site and have been reading some of the stories, Its nice to know theres lots of people to talk too.


Ok my story, I'm 32 years old married to my wonderful husband for 7 years and I have two step sons, 3 years ago I had my smear test and the results advised i had severe dyskarosis, this scared the life out of me and I cried reading the letter my huisband was very supportive and came with me to my appointment which was two weeks later, i discussed the results with the doctor then I was asked to take a seat int THE CHAIR god did i feel embarrased ha, anyway I was given 2 injections which to say the least they were not pleasent, any how I had the loop surgery to remove the pre-cancerous cells and everything was fine thank god!! My following smear my normal I must admit I didnt have my smear test last year which (hold my head in shame) i no is terrible, but anyhow I had my latest smear test two weeks ago, this was painful as it took the nurse so long to find my cervix, I knew somthing was wrong I have been feeling so bloated and tired lately with some very uncomfortable pains to which I can only describe as to be in my ovaries, my results were recieved and yes yet again (however different this time) my results from my smear are negative but I was also tested for "high risk HPV" and this is positive - can anyone explain the difference between severe dyskarosis and high risk HPV - I have my appointment in two weeks time and I am a little worried :( xx

Hi Natalie,

HPV is what can cause the abnormal cells. It's great news that the smear was negative, so at your colposcopy appointment they will probably just put the solution on to double check nothign shows up.

If you look at the left hand side of the page, there is a purple box with 'More Information' and a link to read about HPV. It's definitely work checking out.

Good luck with your appointment xx

Thanks Fiona xx