Newbie! Colposcopy & lletz advice needed!

Hi there, 

I'm a newbie here and was hoping for some advice. 
I had my first smear on 1st Oct, on 15th I received a letter saying I had severe abnormal changes, high grade dyskaryosis. A few days later I got my appt for colposcopy on the 29th. 
In the colposcopy, as soon as she applied the dye she seemed quite shocked and said 'woah yes treatment treatment now!' She had a student in with her and asked if she could have a look. They were both saying how the microscope wasn't even needed to see the areas of white patches. She seemed really shocked by it all. So I had the lletz, it was fine and I didn't find it overly painful. 
A few things have stuck with me and I wish I'd asked them at the time. But I just didn't think. She mentioned how they were quite deep and wide spread but we'd see what the lab said when it was tested. Is this a bad sign? Should I be worried? I hate waiting! 

Oh gosh hon!

it doesn't sound like they were very professional actually.

at my colposcopy I had a big chat afterwards and my consultant drew diagrams and all sorts to try to explain things to me as clearly as he could. I really think you should have been given more information, even if, like me, you found it hard to take it all in. 

All that said, don't panic, and don't expect the worst. White patches can be pre cancerous and even other things. Search jos and you will find lots of people have had the same sort of thing happen, with various outcomes.

And on Monday, ring them and ask for more information. Don't be scared to pester, it's your body!

hugs, Molly xxx

Hiya! Mine was very similar to this! When results came back after lletz it showed CIN3 but no cancer. Try not to worry too much!

Thanks for your reply!
I came away thinking I’d had a really positive experience but I’m doubting it now. The local made me feel dizzy and spaced out so I didn’t question things, I just wanted to get home! I will call on Monday and see if they will give me some more information xx

Thanks anyaanya! I really wasn’t concerned but the more I’ve thought about it since, the more it’s made me worry. I hate waiting too which isn’t helping!

hi I had the same result after my smear I had lletz on 14th Oct still waiting for results as my gyne on annual leave so have to wait longer for my results its driving me mad

Sept smear borderline changes with hpv

Sept colposcopy results cin3

Oct lletz under local anesthetic awaiting results



I think its waiting for the results that does that! It plays on your mind! X

Hiya lovley


ok, it's the easiest thing to say, but don't worry. I had lots of friends who had a colposcopy and "strange" images at the time. For me I wasn't as lucky as lots of my friends, but what you need to take solace in is that you are being tested and they are exploring. 


I was was diagnosed with 1b2 cancer, it took 4 weeks for the results, but I'm fine. after the colposcopy it was decided I needed a little op to remove the cancer and they destroyed the lymph nodes so it couldn't spread. I'm 8 weeks after the operation, I feel strong, well and back to normal. 


Im not saying that you'll get the same news as me, be even if you do, you can get through it. Try and keep positive through the time you have to wait.  Rely on those closest to you, they want to support you - let them, you'll need it. This site is fantastic for contacting people who feel exactly the same way you do. You are not alone. Whatever the result, you will always have people on here to support you the whole way. 


I wish you you the best of luck. Remember, even if you are diagnosed with the worst, we are all here for you and I promise you will get through it. Sending you a massive Welsh cwtch xxxxxx


Thank you lizbet, your attitude is lovely! So sorry you got that diagnosis but fantastic to hear you’re doing well.
The waiting in between results/ appointments is awful! This site has been invaluable to me, from the first letter I recieved about my abnormal smear. I found out all I needed to know about what would happen at the colposcopy etc from here. I like to be well informed and to know what’s going to happen. So this uncertainty isn’t fun.

I’m sure all will be ok. I will come back and update when I get my results. Thanks again xx