Newbie. Cin3 awaiting appt for surgery?

Hi, first time on here, had abnormal smear results showing cin3, had colposcopy on 6th feb and 4 biopsys taken. Nurse told me I need a ga as the abnormalities go further  than my cervix and up my vaginal wall? Really worried :( how will they know  how far they have gone and what surgery do I need?. They haven't really explained much to me. Anyone had the same diagnosis? Really appreciate some advice x 

Hi Sam, I'm not sure how much help I will be but I'll try!

I'm also awaiting surgery as they need to take some biopsies from further up my cervix. The reason they do this under general anaesthetic is because it would just be too uncomfortable for them to go probing around up there while we're awake! I'm having a Cone Biopsy, where they take a cone-shaped piece of my cervix away to send off for biopsies. Is that what you're having done? Have they given you anyones contact details so you can contact them and ask them just to go over the information with you again? I find it a lot to take it when you're sat in that little room with them and it's only when you get home that you realise you had lots of questions you wanted to ask x