Newbie - CGIN High Grade



I've never missed a smear test and they always came back normal. My last one showed abnormalities so I had a colposcopy.

I've been waiting for the results for 4 weeks and today received a letter. It doesn't say much apart from that it high grade CGIN and they booked provisional appointment for another colposcopy. I have researched and that seems normal.

I'm slightly concerned as it says they going to have a meeting with the patholoigst regarding my case, also they haven't said if the margins are clear.


I'm just wondering if anyone else had this response?

Hi Claire, 

I'd never missed a smear either, they'd been completely fine until my third one came back with severe dyskaryosis. I then had a colposcopy and biopsies. A subsequent LLETZ under GA (because of extensive distribution of changes) has revealed I have CIN 3 and high grade CGIN. The latter raises concerns because the area it effects (further into the womb, endocervix) is more difficult/awkward to survey and treat, according to my gynaecologist. He liased with pathology re: my tissue results because he wanted to be sure the margins around the CGIN were clear of disease. I, obviously, cannot comment on any case but mine, but maybe they are having a look at the specimen margins prior to getting you back in - you didn't say if this was a biopsy or LLETZ sample?

Please be reassured that it is not unusual for samples/results to need discussing with pathology. 

Good luck with everything.


Hi, I’d never missed a smear either, have had lots of clear ones over the last 15 years. Last nov I had an abnormal smear, followed by colposcopy, biopsies etc. I was diagnosed with extensive cgin and cin3. I had lletz under GA to remove it. I then had to wait for the tissue to be tested by pathology to confirm clear margins. It’s theae words that freak you out the most - when I was told an oncologist was reviewing I absolutely thought the worst, but my results came back with clear margins. I have my 6 month follow up next week so already have The anxiety. Please ask questions of your gynae or nurse/dr if you need reassurance and i found they were always great at explanning things to me when my mind was in overdrive. X


Best of luck for next week.