Newbie: Awaiting LLETZ... I think

Hi all, 

I concur with the messages I've been reading from other people about this forum - I've done a bit of reading, and it's incredibly supportive, so thank you for all the help you've (inadvertantly) given me already.

I have a slight confusion:  I've recently had the letter confirming CIN3 and another with my appointment back at colposcopy (1st May).  They say I will be having a procedure, and that it's usually done under local, but don't confirm which.  I've done some digging, and I *think* that it's just my local health board's policy to discuss either LLETZ or cold coagulation at the appointment itself, but not sure how up to date that info is...

I'm working on the assumption that it'll be LLETZ (and trying to think of it like having a tooth out, given the local/ speed of procedure) but also want to be prepared if not.

So question-wise: anyone in Oxfordshire who might know what they tend to do?  And if not, any best guesses??


Hi cymruangel. I had cin 3 and had lletz to remove it. I think this is one off the most used ways to treat it, but I do know that different areas might have different ways. As I am in middlesbrough. Don't worry they will be doing what they think will be the best treatment for you, and I am sure you in safe hands now you in system. And if you do get the lletz as I did, its not that bad so don't worry. I felt nothing as soon as I was numbed up. Afterwards I had a period type pain for two days , and started to bleed after a week. Lucky for me the bleeding only lasted about a week, had watery discharge for few weeks too but this is normal. Hope this helps, and do come back and let us know how you get on, and anytime you need too. As everyone on here are great and sure u will get more info of other ladies too. 

take care love sky.. x x x




Thanks Sky! Just had a call back from the clinic, and they confirmed that they don't know which it will be because doc will decide on the day... but at least I know that much now.  

Will check back next week when it's all done. :)