Newbie awaiting biopsy results

Hi ladies, this is my first post but I have been reading all the posts on here. I had an abnormal smear test- high grade dyskarosis and had a colopscopy with 2 biopsies taken 3 weeks ago.

The colpo wasnt half as bad as I expected, I was terrified thinking it would hurt but didnt, never felt the biopsies. I suffer from chronic back pain so it was just painful in my back from being in an awkward position!

I'm still waiting for the results from the biopsy as to what treatment I will be having but the dr thinks will be lletz.

I keep looking for the postman everyday to see if results are here!

HI ljnlaj. I had biopsy took to and the waiting for results is hard i know.. I had high grade changes too cin 3. How i looked at it is no news is good news, as the weeks went by it does get better, and if you do have lletzt done its not that bad so dont worry over that.  Do let us know how you get on with ur results and treatment.

anytime you need advice drop in all the girls on here are lovely.

Take care love sky... x x