Newbie and v scared

Hello, I'm new on here, I was diagnosed with CIN 3 aged 21 and had LLetz treatment and eventually got the all clear, because I have HPV ive been on yearly smears and my latest results came today saying abormal changes etc low grade dyskariosis, colposcopy is booked for a few weeks, I'm panicking like mad and worrying myself something stupid. Anyone been through similar? I thought it was all behind me by now :( 

Hi sorry to hear you are having to go through this anxiety again after few years of normal smears. I can understand how difficult it must be when you feel that you had moved on from all the worry to now get this result. You need to remember that CC is a very slow growing cancer and as you've been having yearly smears it is unlikely to be anything too awful. They have been keeping a close eye on you and even though there have been some cell changes and low grade dyskosis this should be quite treatable - in many cases the cells return to normal on their own. Try to stay positive and just have confidence that your regular smears should have prevented anything nasty developing. Good luck at the colposcopy hope everything is ok for you x x x x 



I had similar, cin 2 6 years ago and last year cin 1 again. Kim has said it really well, it is slow growing - it took mine 5 years to grt to cin 1 ( i had the hpv vaccine after my treatment so pretty sure its the same infection. It probably means you have a little bit left behind that theyll either treat or watch.