Newbie after some reassurance

I’m new to the forum, I’ve been following some of the discussions after being called in by the hospital for abnormal cells after a smear. I’ve been told I have early stages of cervical cancer stage 1a2. I’m finding it difficult to understand everything and recently had an appointment at the cancer clinic to discuss treatments. I currently have no children but would like them, my partner and I of 8 years have just bought our first home together and I’m worrying about the effects of what im going through, on him (he doesn’t seem to show any emotions) and our relationship!
I’ve been told I need a tracelectomy and to have my pelvic nodes removed. I’ve opted for two separate surgeries to do the pelvic nodes first to get the results of tests on those so I know what the next surgery will be. Just wondering really if anyone else has had the same sort of thing and can offer any sort of guidance/reassurance. Also, what to expect with both of these types of surgery and tips on what to do in advance and after.
Thanks in advance

Hello! I can't offer any insight into the trachelectomy as I am scheduled for a radical hysterectomy tomorrow (I'm 1b2) but i came across this blog recently which may offer some information? I hope all goes well for you, I have found this forum to be really helpful so hopefully you will too :)


Hi Verity :-)

Welcome to the forum but sorry you had to find us here. I think that having the nodes done first is the smartest thing I have ever heard! I don't know much about those two individual operations as I had one huge surgery but to the best of my understanding the lymph nodes can be done with keyhole surgery in which case I think you'll be fully functional if a little sore straight afterwards. I had my fallopians clipped using this method and I imagine it would be quite similar to lymph node removal.

Just because your fella doesn't appear to be showing any emotion he is probably going through extraordinary turmoil and it would be good to get him to talk with you about what is going on inside his head.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Verity, 

i was diagnosed  stage 1b1 last january  had a radical trachelectomy and lymph node removal in the one operation the next month.

Nearly a year on and I feel completely back to normal apart from a few tiny issues but nothing to worry about. 

feel free to message  with any questions that you have, I know it's not that common a procedure and I didn't have any one to ask the real questions when I had my op :)

Thank you all for your comments, sorry to hear that Mad_muskrat, hope all went well and you are on the road to recovery.

Tivoli thanks for the welcome and your comments, the site has a lot of useful information to refer to.

Tinkerbell86 it's good to know that a year on things are all but back to normal for you, certainly gives me some comfort in what I'm currently going through!

I'm starting to come to terms with it all now, pre-op booked for Monday and first op on Wednesday with the second two weeks later, so I'm keeping positive And will await the outcome of both! :)



Good luck! 


Im sure neither of them will be as bad as you are expecting.  Definately wasn't for me :) xxx