Newbie advice x

Hello ladies, 

I hope you are all well? After some advice please...I had my smear a couple of weeks ago and the result came back that I have "high grade dyskaryosis" and need to have a colposcopy which has come through for the 24th Oct. 

I know that the smear has done its job and has detected the changes, but what are the chances that the colposcopy will show up cancer? I'm petrified (as I know you all are/have been :() it's just I've seen lot's of people with signatures saying that they too had high grade or severe/colposcopy and then diagnosis of cc. 


Such a helpful forum, thank you in advance and thinking of you all


Nicola xx


Hi Nicola There is only a tiny tiny chance that your changes have progressed to cancer. There is a possibility that you may need to have some treatment but I think it's something like for 95% of ladies that's all they will need. As you say the smear has done its job in detecting the changes. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with early stage cc after my colposcopy but it's pretty rare as I had no symptoms. I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry, the odds are very heavily stacked in favour of you NOT having cc! Good luck Ali x

Thank you for replying Ali, I feel much more reassured than I have done all weekend! I'm sorry to hear that you were diagnosed and hope that

You're well on your way to a full recovery xx


glad u feel bit better now

when I got sent for colposcopy I was incredibly nervous and thought had to be cancer only to find out 6 people I worked with have had colposcopy es with LLETZ (2 had it done twice!) so is more common than you think to have this simple procedure. Is much much much less common for it to be cc- I am the only person any of us at work know who progressed to this stage ( and we work in a school so have known a lot of people between us over the years!!!!)

try not to worry. Read through other posts already on here in the colposcopy section If u have some time

xxx dons

Hi Nicola,

I hope you are ok. Its so hard not worry.

I also had a letter through saying I had high grade dyskaryosis two weeks ago and thought the worst. Although there may not be a genetic link my mum was diagnosed at 28 (a year younger than I am now) and had a hysterectomy so as soon as I read the letter I panicked and got myself in such a state after Googling it too (which I shouldn’t have done)!

Reading the forums on here did make me feel better and I feel relieved having had the colposcopy and LLETZ. Its over so quick.

I don’t have a high pain threshold but it really did go ok, one little sting and the best advice I can give whilst sitting there is look up at the ceiling and keep chatting to the nurses.

Its worrying not knowing what’s going on until you have the examination but after my experience today I’m just glad I don’t feel a wreck like I did before. I know I’m waiting for the results but talking to the nurse has made it better and I hope it does for you too.

Emma xx

Thank you both. I spoke with the Nurse today, she said I have severe dys, CIN3. I've done way too much googling over the weekend and freaked myself out good and proper!

i'm sorry for your diagnosis Don and hope you recover well! Lollipops, good luck on your results - I'm keen to know how you get on.

thank you again for your advice xx


Glad ur feeling a little better. 

Not too long until your colposcopy so try to put it to the back of ur mind until then. It is not a horrible procedure, all over in 15 mins! Bit uncomfortable, legs up and open again so not a dignified 15 mind lol!!!!

stop googling, stick to this website.

good luck for 24th


Thank you don!


could there be any chance that it's not as bad as first thought? Like, could I find out that it's not high/severe?



First thing they will do at colposcopy is stain the cervix to see the bad cells so will know straight away. If there are bad cells, if urs is a see and do kind of hospital, they will then offer you LLETZ (loop) straight away to cut bad cells out which will then be sent away as ur biopsy. The LLETZ is not bad, there are loads of posts on here about it and info on the website so have a look so u are "in the know" before ur appointment, although the dr will explain before the colposcopy.

hope this helps. Any more questions, just ask! This is a fab website for support

xxx dons