New Year, New Hope

Sorry to hear you have been unable to go out for 9 weeks.
The bad dreams seem to be normal post op. I too had very bad and violent dreams in-between my surgery and my post op results. I think the surgery is so traumatic that it is bound to get into our physche. We have to process what has happened, and I guess it is the minds way of dealing with the enormity of what has happened to our body. It is not a small surgery. Are you having any psychological support follow up? X


Yes i speak to a mental health guy from my surgery, hes really good, been speaking to him for nearly 3 year because of my anxiety.
No-one tells you of the psychological aspect of cancer do they…it sucks :unamused:
Hes actually ringing me this afternoon so good timing .
How are you doing? I do hope your feeling better xx

Hi, I’m ok thanks. The anxiety comes in waves.
I work in a specialist cancer centre so I see it all the time. I didn’t know exactly how patients felt though.
We have a robust psychological support follow up in place for patients. It is surreal that it is now me!
I hope you continue to feel better x


Hi youll never know how anyone feels till you have to go through it yourself will you…
Ive noticed my stomach this last week is quite sore, like an ache all over, so of course im thinking the worst :disappointed_relieved:
Had a scan last week though so if there is anything wrong it may show up, so now ill be ill worrying that there is something wrong :pensive: its a vicious circle isn’t it
Glad your doing OK Take care xx

How are you doing ?
I hope your scan was ok.
I am ok…I’m finding work hard though, as I work with gynae patients and it’s too close to the bone.
I wish the anxiety would go away x

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Hi so sorry I’ve just seen your reply, anxiety is just horrible, im suffering pretty bad atm, im still not going out, I’ve been out 3x in 3 months, plus my chronic fatigue is back :cry:
I know it must be hard for you, at the same time though you can be a huge help to the women as you’ve been there yourself and im sure they will appreciate your story that there is hope…hope your anxiety is abit better now i totally understand its awful :disappointed_relieved: xx

How are you doing ? X

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Hiya,not too bad thanks, was at hostipal yesterday for a check up, said my pains im getting in my stomach is through the op and it takes a while , god shes not kidding either :woman_facepalming: both my feet are swelling now still not heard from the lymphedema specialist so shes going to refer me again, i got upset said this has effected me mentally like nothing else, she says im being too hard on myself, checkups every 3 month which i was surprised about, reoccurring rate for me is around 15% ,then just any abnormal

Symptoms to ring up.ive got all the numbers etc how are you doing? Hope your well xx

I’m doing ok thanks. Had my 3 monthly checkup. Waiting for results and then another MRI.
Hope you get to see the lymphoedema nurse soon.
I don’t think you’re being too hard on yourself. I think it’s ok to feel like you do. It’s normal to feel frightened or anxious, as long as it’s not all the time.
Are you having psychological support follow up? X

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I hope your results come back OK :pray: its a worry isn’t it, every ache and pain im thinking oh god the cancer is back! Are you having scans every 3 month then? I got my 3 month appointment for September in the post this morning but she never said id be having scans etc …i am talking to someone from my GP surgery have been for a while but the oncologist doesn’t know that and didn’t offer me any support, im having awful nightmares, im scared to go out i hardly ever do, having flashbacks of awful things that happened years ago too…im not sleeping at all, its all just too much sometimes, hows work going ?.xx

Sorry to hear all this. You need to get support from somewhere. Nightmares and flashbacks is PTSD. Why don’t you phone Macmillan or Joe’s Trust counsellours?
I had nightmares too but they settled. The other question is; are you on HRT? Until my hormones were rebalanced, I was very anxious.
My results were clear. I have an MRI next week…it’s post op. Think it’s yearly after that, but every 3 months for a vault smear.
Work is ok actually. I’m lucky, as I have access to psychological support and the Maggie’s centre which is a charity on site for patients. They have also started a staff group for those of us living with or after cancer.
Our hospital is on channel 4 at the moment - they are doing a documentary about it. It’s called super surgeons. It felt strange watching it, as the robot was featured in it as part of the surgery someone had, and it’s the same machine they used on me!
Make sure you phone someone. There is help there, it’s just knowing about it. X

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Hi, glad you can talk to someone, ive had nothing, i had to go to the doctor yesterday as the specialist nurse rang me last week, i just told her im havinb some problem with my bowels, so she wanted me to speak to my doctor, just sent a poo test away this morning, still got bad pains in my stomach, probably all just to do with my surgery though , i hope ! I think i will ring mcmillan im really not coping well, my skin i know its trivial but its in such a mess so i learning about skincare and the right products for me seems daft after everything but its taking my mind off things for now ! When is your hostipal on tv ? Il look out for it , im still not goinb out i absolutely hate having to go out so avoid it when i can ,you take care and keep in touch x

Sorry no im not on HRT i had an early menopause and suffered in silence ! Good luck with your scan pleae let me know how it goes xx

It’s on channel 4 now. It’s called super surgeons . It will be on catch up.
Looking after your skin is not trivial. It’s important.
Maybe chat to your team about HRT. That will help your anxiety x

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Hi, ill have a look out for it just booked a holiday with our grandson, if ive ever needed a one it’s now !

They wont give out hrt after your post menopause a doctor told me a while ago, i just keep trying to managed it myself, im still so painful around my stomach, i.take oramorph for other things and I could do with it being increased but they are having none of it, its just like i have to fight for everything and im.sick of it - dont have the energy anymore

Hope you’re doing ok. As well as you can be :kissing_heart: xx

I’m sorry you’re having difficulty getting HRT. They should give you it though. I don’t understand that.
Glad you have booked a holiday.
I’m doing ok thanks. MRI scan results today we’re clear. See them again in 3 months. X