New Year, New Hope

Hello ladies and Happy New Year. I hope it is going to be kind to all of us. Just wanted to say thank you for the hope and strength you have all brought me since my diagnosis. I have just had my first oncology appointment where they confirmed that the PET scan hadn’t thrown up anything new so still at stage 3c and they are treating to cure! They say my health is otherwise good so will be starting treatment from a good place. I have to go and have some markers put in and my planning scan where I should receive details of my treatment starting etc. I hope you are all doing well and I send strength and healing hugs to all xxx


Happy New Year, Snowbird! You are in exactly the same position as me - waiting for my planning scan and tattoo markers in the new year prior to the start of treatment for 3C in January 2021. I was 3C2, and at my 9 month post treatment scans in December were clear, so that’s where we want you to be in January 2023! It may be a tough road with treatment, but as they have said to you, it’s treating for a cure. All the very best to you for your treatment - keep us up to date so we can encourage you on your journey. I didn’t know about Jo’s Trust or this forum whilst I was going through treatment, but I wish I had! :relieved:


Happy New Year, good news that pet scan didn’t show up anything else. Now that you’ve got your stage so can start to concentrate on the treatment hopefully you’ll get a start date soon.

Keep us posted any questions give us a shout.

Take care xx


Hi all… new here too… diagnosed 3c1 in the last few weeks… had my planning and tattoo appt on 22nd Dec… starting treatment on 10th Jan… so frightened and really struggling with anxiety over the holiday period… you ladies give me some strength thankyou x


Hi Teri!

You’ve come to the right place for support through your journey. As you can see there are other ladies about to embark on the same journey to support you and be alongside you - and others like myself who have completed our treatment and can answer questions and give insight. You’ll see that everyone’s journey is a little different - there are many potential side effects of treatment, and you won’t experience all of them; you also can never tell how each person will respond to the treatment, BUT you will be being treated to cure your cancer, and you might not have your upper abdomen radiated as you’ve not got cancer in the paraaortic nodes, so hopefully not as many stomach problems as I had. I started my treatment on January 12th - so almost a year to when you’re starting. The very first radiotherapy had a strong impact on my stomach and I came home and spent 3 hours throwing up! But this is not what most ladies report :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Be positive - count down your radiotherapy sessions and know that with each one your cancer will be getting smaller and smaller. This will be the year you defeat your cancer. X



Just as Jack’s says you will receive wonderful support here as did I and many others.
You sound positive so that excellent.
You’ll see a huge range of symptoms between us all from absolutely none to some who had it a bit rough, be assured that we’ll help as much as we can x


Thankyou so much… your support means the world x

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Hi, I’m at a similar stage in my plan to you I start my treatment on Monday actually can’t wait to get it over and done with xx

Hi Teri,

Welcome to the forum as the others have said this is a fantastic platform to engage with others who are about to start treatment, are currently going through treatment or have completed treatment.

We have all benefitted from sharing our experiences, getting answers to questions and supporting each other.

Treatment affects us all differently but if you have any questions or need advice they’ll always be someone here to help.

Good luck with your treatment keep us posted.

Take care xx


Thank you so much Jacks. I know you have given so many people support on here and it’s good to know that I have you and the support of this forum. You have all been my lifeline through this so I can’t imagine you having to go through it all without the support that can be found here. Congratulations on your clear scans, long may they continue. I will certainly keep you posted. I hope the New Year is so good to you xxx


Thanks so much for your reply and support and a very Happy New Year to you, I hope 2022 is good to you. I will keep you posted and probably hound you all with lots of questions on the way! So I apologise in advance​:grin::grinning: xxx

Thankyou so much x

Hi Teri
So sorry to hear of your diagnosis but you really are in the best place here for support and advice.
Sounds like we are at a similar stage but you are a little ahead of me as I haven’t had my planning scan yet. I do know the rollercoaster of emotions you must already have been through to get to this stage. I feel that I will be very relieved to start treatment even though I know it’s going to be tough. I’m going to concentrate on trying to keep as healthy as possible through treatment and thereafter. Sending you hugs and strength xxx

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Thankyou so much… and the same to you xx

Hi Snowbird, really great news for you! :blush: I have my PET scan tomorrow, will let everyone know how that goes xx


Hi, I’m new too, diagnosed cancer on 21st as yet don’t know anything not stage etc, had ct scan last Thursday

The very best of luck for your treatment x


And to you GillRobs …keep in touch x

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Hey Myrtle, thanks and good luck for tomorrow and yes, please let us know how it goes. I’ll be thinking of you. I’m trying to work until my treatment starts but I have a feeling I’m going to have to self isolate pretty soon before it starts. Just trying to “bank” my annual leave and sick days for as long as possible. Try to keep strong and positive xxx

Hi GillRobs and sorry to hear your diagnosis but you are really in good company here. These ladies are so supportive. Good luck and stay strong xxx

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Just over a year post treatment it’s difficult but be positive it can be done. Try not to worry about your treatment it really isn’t as bad as you think it will be. Eat well and take supplements to build your immunity and rest.