New with lots of Q's

Hi, I'm new here so apologise if I'm rubbish with all the proper terms!

I could really do with some advice please, will give a little bit about me and what has happened first though.

I'm 26 and have 4 children already.

I had my first proper smear test at the end of March, and got two letters almost 3 weeks ago, one saying i have high dyskariosis (sp?) and the other giving me an appointment for last wednesday for a colposcopy.

I went for the colposcopy and they did a biopsy.

The woman that did this wasn't very clear on things and only really told me that i would have LLETZ once the results come back and that i would have local aneasthetic with it. She sent me on my way with an appointment for 6months time which I'm assuming is for another colposcopy?

1- I have had swabs done inside with some of my pregnancies and bacterial vaginosis was detected-would that possibly be a reason for high dyskariosis/abnormal smear?

2- When i had these swabs to test for things while pregnant (last one was early '13) would they have picked up the high dyskariosis then, meaning this would be a new change to my cervical cells, or is it a completely different matter?

3- I've read a few things about the speed of which the hospital sends out appointments, does the timeline sound at all rushed to anyone or not?

4- I don't really understand what the HPV part is, does this all mean i have it or not? They said they wont test for it with high dyskariosis.


I think that's it... for now.

I'm just so worried, ive been thinking the worst, and have had a fair few emotional moments since. I don't want to leave my four children with no mummy.

I'm sorry if i sound irrational, but this really is scaring the crap out of me.

Thanks in advance


Hello hun, welcome to Jo's, you came to the right place! There's so much useful and up to date info on here an really lovely supportive ladies. I will try and help you out with your questions as much as I can :) the smear only detects abnormalities, it's common sometimes for false positives - this is usually why a colposcopy is performed. The colposcopy determines the severity of the abnormal cells and if the nurse has already said a LLETZ will be performed, this will probably be due to the fact she can see the abnormal area on your cervix. It's nothing to worry about hun at all! Once the abnormal cells are removed, it's almost always 100% successful with no recurrence. It's also common for BV to cause the smear to come back abnormal, but because you've been referred for high grade and you've also had the colposcopy done, I don't think BV would be the cause hun. Unless your biopsy results come back clear. Have you had your biopsy results? The timescale usually determines if it's urgent or not, they usually get you back quickly if they think it's urgent, as they say 'no news is good news' I waited over 3 weeks for my results. Don't worry hun, any abnormal cells will be dealt with now and they'll just monitor you a bit more closely till you have clear smears :) hope I've helped a little? If you need any advice or someone to talk too, feel free to message me :) xx