New- what to expect.


Hi all!  I've had a Colpo come back with Glandular Changes, then my LEEP confirmed Adenocarcinoma in Situ (with positive margins, I believe).  My ObGYN has referred me to an oncologiat.  I see her in about 10 days.  I am now wondering: 

What is a first appointment with an oncologist like when you know you have AIS.  What tests do they run? What can I expect? Or prepare for, if needed. Will they just schedule the cone and go from there? Or is there more to it? Hmmmm .... Swirling vortex of thoughts!  I feel very at peace right now and know that all is as it should be- BUT that won't stop me from wanting to know all I can before that day so there aren't too many surprises. 

Thank you in advance for your responses!! 


Ps- I've been through the medical ringer- so dont hold back!  14 surigies and tons of other procedures and i am used to all the poking and prodding of testing.  

Hi Liz,

Sorry to see you have had no responses to your post yet. I'm guessing that you are from US or Canada? I think maybe the lack of responses might be down to the fact that your terminology is so very different from that used in UK (where most posters are based) that people aren't actually understanding what you are asking. I'm sorry that I cannot answer your questions because my experience was a world away from yours. I think that in UK it's normal to have an MRI, maybe where you are you will have a PET? I just don't know. Where I am I had a series of CTs and some other weird stuff but I also had a language barrier so couldn't ask half the questions I would have liked. Plus, I had an old-school head of department who's policy was to shield patients from the knowledge that they had cancer, so I wasn't going to get any truthful answers to my questions anyway. I wish you luck and hope that you get back to us to let us know how you are getting along.

Be lucky :-)

Sorry, double-post

Thank you for your reponse! Yes, I am in the US.  My apologies for the use of different terminology.  I totally missed the fact that most posters are from the UK! Neat! I have a lot of "virtual" friends from other groups that live in England.