New user trying to Understand my results and freaking out just a little

Hi Guys,

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Yesterday I recieved results from my most recent screening and the results have come back showing MODERATE DYSKARYOSIS in some of the cells on my cervix. I have today returned home to a very speedy appointment for colposcopy on Monday. I am feeling very mixed emotions, one part of me extremely calm and happy to deal with my results ASAP, but another part freaking out. I have read many of these posts over the last few hours and while these have helped me to relax it has also brought to my attention how serious these results can be. I am single and live away from my family and while I have a suportive friendship circle I am living with people I dont know, as A result I am lacking that homely support right now and was hoping I could reach out to some friendly people in this forum for some advice/support. 


This is my second screening the first I recieved my results while traveling, this came back with severe dyskaryosis. As I was travelling I was un able to attend my follow up colposcopy, making sure I attended a screening upon my return (with my now result as moderate dyskaryosis). As this is something I have stupidly left for such a period of time I am worried that my decision to leave this has been foolish and I am afraid of my results not the actual colposcopy itself. 


I have also read on these forums that many people get treated then and there at colposcopy, I have work after my appointment, would it be wise to take the day off?

I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has been through the same or is at the same stages as me, if anything to just talk about the process and rest my mind.


Again thank you for reading my post :)

Stace x


I had my first colposcopy 4 weeks ago (still waiting on results) and got lletz treatment there and then. At the appointment the doctor first had a chat with me about my medical history before the examination and treatment. There were two nurses with me throughout the treatment who explained what was happening and chatted away with me, which helped take my mind off what the doctor was doing. I then went to work nightshift! Looking back I wish I hadn't gone to work and just stayed at home to help me get over what I felt was an invasive procedure. As someone with no children or any previous health concerns I'm not used to doctors poking around my bits haha. 

For me it was very nerve wracking going to hospital and getting the treatment, but waiting for the results is worse. One thing that keeps my mind at rest is the fact that we go for smear tests to identify the changes before it's too late. Sorry if I've not been much help but my opinion about going to work is don't do it. 

Hope everything goes ok for you. 


Hi Stace,

Wanted to say hello and welcome :) Whether they do lletz on the day seems to depend on what hospital you go to and what they can see when they do you colposcopy. If they can see clearly where the abnormality is then they can do it there and then (if they offer that at your hospital). With mine, they couldn't see clearly and said they didn't want to over treat so they left it. Turns out I did need treatment which was then carried out by a consultant. Nervously waiting for the results now (although I did have a biopsy from the colp that said no cancer wad evident so hoping that still stands!)

Have you been given a contact number? I would give them a ring and ask about treatment on the day. I have rung mine many times and they have been lovely each time. If you are going to be treated I would advise you to take the day off, I did and was glad for it. It's just nice to go home and snuggle on the sofa and feel sorry for yourself more than anything! I think I could have gone to work if I really needed to.

PS. I have found, in my own experience, reading here, talking to others and the staff at the hosp, that the process tends to be quite speedy generally. This doesn't necessarily mean there is anything wrong. I think I read somewhere they have a 2 week target from smear result to colp appointment for any abnormal cells.

Thank you so much for your responses :)

I agree I am going to take the day off, treat it as though I will be recieving treatment and then there are no surprises. I will just spend the afternoon watching silly day time tv which should help shake any uncomfortable feelings from the day. I too have been lucky to be of good health and have never needed any treatment in hopital etc before, I think for this reason I am more nervous. It is comforting to read this site and see that you are not alone, many women have to deal with this on a daily basis, we are very lucky that this service is here for us and as you put it identifies changes before they become a further risk.

I wish you both all the best with your results :) and thank you again for sharing your experiences with me.