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Hi all, I'm Roch and I had my 1st lletz treatment today, and im okay but during it i found it quite scary. Altho they told me would be 5 mins it was about 20 mins long, she had to keep changing tools etc so that had me worried. They dis speak to me but just more to check I was okay. I let the hospital about 11 am and have been home since and still no bleeding, I expected lots of bleeding if im honest.  During my procedure I had my merina coil removed as was easier for treatment but also I've had it in and out for over 8 years. Wanted to know if anyone else thinks the coil could be cause of certian problems..? I always get yeast infection ti on with the coil and the discharge can be horrible, tbh I'm glad I'm free from it. 

I dnt really knw what to write but I've been reading loads of stories and the doc didn't reali explain what stage or how u call it mine was but I did see on her notes cin3 if that means something. 

I had 2 colposcopy this year one in march and they booked me in for another on Sept, never told me the outcome. So I got my gp to change hospitals (from Northwick park to St marys) glad I had the change. St marys gave me an appointment 2 wks after referral, which was august and I had that and the doc said, didn't u get treatment for last one and I was confused... told her no1 gave me any results. So 2 wks ago I got a letter to say I have to be treated on 1st oct, yesterday.  I was sad and confused cos I didn't reali knw what to expect. Went appointment and all I remember is that burning smell. I just dnt knw what to expect.  Surely 6 months is a long time to wait. Feel like I dnt knw anything. Really want to knw what cin3 means... anyone? 



Hi rochepad11......this link will give you more information on CIN3

quite a few people on here including myself have CIN3 results and although i'm still waiting for the results of the biopsys i had done earlier this week, i know that CIN3 can usually be treated very successfully :)