New to this.

Hi guys, 


new to to this site, but after a long time stalking, I thought i would post. 


Im veey worried and confused.. So here's my story :)


in January I had my first smear (aged 26) a couple of weeks later I had the results which confirmed abnormalities and HPV positive, in February 13 i had my first colposopy at the hospital and the nurses were very good... But very vague. All I remember was her saying their was mild dyskariosis (CIN1) and they want to watch and wait for 12 months.... Now my anxieties have been through the roof because I am going back to hospital for repeat smear and/or colposocpy. I guess I'm wondering how bad really is this? I remember her saying HPV cells were on the vaginal wall too - is this normal? Although she didn't appear to be concerned. It's always on the forefront of my mind :-( and back I go in January 


has as anyone else been in this situation and can offer some more information?


Thank you very much xx 

Hi hon,

the reason they are waiting before any treatment is that your abnormalities are early enough that there is a chance that your immune system could kick in and clear them without intervention. So lots of veggies and early nights for you! No need for you to be panicking, just look after yourself really well and hopefully you will have clear tests next time.


Molly xx

Is it Normal for hpv cells to be on the vaginal wall too? X

Yes I think so. Xxx

Hi, I had my first colposcopy in Jan this year too mine was CIN 3 and had to have treatment had repeat smear 8 months later (should have been 6 months but was having problems coming off depo) and was all clear and no HPV - Mollz is right about veg and sleep but also green tea is a really good thing to help figh the HPV virus - it tastes horrible but if you look it up its meant to be really good at fighting HPv x