New to this

Hi ladies was just looking for some advice or if any one has had a similiar experience it started about 4 weeks ago I suddenly had a gush of blood from nowhere, my periods haven't really been the same since I had the implant put in nearly 2 yrs ago before that they were normal and regular I've only had 1 smear test as am only 27 28 this yr and was due 1 around August my 1st one was normal. The gushes of blood unfortunately didn't stop and I was losing clots the size of oranges if not bigger as you can imagine this was quite scary! To cut a long story short have been in and out of hospital I had to have a blood transfusion because of the blood loss and put on transametixc acid and northisterone, also got sent for a ultrasound were they discovered I had a 5.1cm cyst on my right ovary but they said this had nothing to do with the bleeding. I finally had a physical examination last week were the gyno doc said he thinks he can feel a polyp on my cervix and I also had a burst blood vessel on kym cervix he couldn't do a full examination because I have a high cervix so it's quite painful for me so he said I would have to be put under. so Ive got an app tomorrow for a colposcopy and a hysterroscopy and a polypectomy and taking some cells from the area, am really frightened of what they our going to find especially as i have an 8yr old daughter who is my world am so worried that it is cc. So if any one could shes a bit of light who may have had simliliar experiences I would be really greatfull thank you so much xx