New to this site Just Smear results "High Risk HPV "

I was a little shocked when I opened and read my results this morning , I expected a normal result. 

In 2007 I had treatment for cell changes ( I can't remember what stage but I was young and didn't take much in. Since then j have been on yearly or 6 monthly smears always clear. 3 years ago (at the age of 29 I experienced bleeding between my cycle Which my then Male GP said was probably age related ( I changed GP) The bleeding and pain started to occur after in intercourse. I want to see a female gp who referred me to a gynecologist who had a look and said it was because of scaring from past treatment and my smear tests remained clear.

I am now 31 and my latest smear result shows I have high risk hpv and I'm being sent back to the same gynecologist who discharged me less than 9 months ago. 

I can't help worrying that something has been missed and that now there going to find something sinister.