New to the site ... Worried about my colposcopy

Hi everyone I, I'm new to this site and just wondered if anyone else had experienced the same. Just a bit of background ... I'm 25 and been with my partner for the past 8 years we've been ttc for the past 5 yrs ... After lots of tests they put it down to me not ovulating so  we  we're referred to ivf earlier this year and had to undergo some more test ... One of which was a smear. ..... I was due this anyway as not long turned 25 so had that which came back with high grade dyskaryosis . I've been for my colposcopy today and half way through he turns round and says right change of plan they told me you had severe dyskaryosis but its spread into your vaginal wall an out of the cervix which means Im going to send some biopsys away as if I do what I was planning it would probably affect your chances of fertility in the future...... I ha gone by myself as I though I'd be ok but as this point I started to cry a little ... Prob made a fool of myself :/ but was worried. After he came to speak to me but my minds still not at rest .... Anyone had similar ?? x

That must have been awful for you, especialy not having anyone there.  No need to feel embarassed about your reaction, it must have been a shock.  I hope you get answers soon and they prepare you well for the next stage.x