new to here


i was just googling and came across this site

i had a smear test late august as part of under going infertility tests..just to be on the safe side the doc said. 3 weeks later im booked in

for a coloposcopy, had it done on the 2/09/14 had the LLETZ procedure,  i was found to have high grade including CGIN, im just awaiting biopsy results.

The more i read the more nervous im getting about my results, so im googling lots.

has any one else had similar smears looking into fertility and coloposcopys with these results? iv read that some of you are talking about hysterectomys

when talking about 28 years old an have no children.. have been trying for nearly 3 panicking that i m going to have a hysterectomy now 

am probably over reacting massively!


any advice would be apprecaited




My smear wasnt for fertility reasons but it did show CGIN.  Ive had a lletz and now awaiting results - its been 5 weeks now!  

Just to prewarn you that CGIN results are supposed to be discussed at a MDT meeting, this is to get different opionins from other members of the team so the right treatment is given.  This is standard for CGIN results so dont worry if this happens to you.

Ive read about treatments for women who want to preserve their fertility so make sure you discuss with your dr.  They do look at hysterectomy for women who have completed their families/do not want children so dont panic too much

Google can be good if you find websites like this one but some of the information is not great and after I googled my results I was pretty sure I was a goner but I realise now that although rarer it is treated the same as other abnormal results but you will be monitored more closely - not a bad thing to be honest

Hope this helps

Anne x