new to forum, any experiences welcome!



New to the forum and just needing to vent! 


Im 25 and went for my first smear (I have a 3yr old son), within 4 days I recieved an abnormal high grade dyscoysis result letter, and a week after that I had an appointment for a coloscopy.

Had my coloscopy on monday and parts of my cervix showed up white straight away once the soloution had been applied. The woman also said it was showing engraving within the white area (looked a bit like a maze) - i presume this isnt a good sign? While I was there she did the loop treatment (sorry cant remember full name). 

I have 4-6 weeks to wait before my next appointment but cant help but panic.

Anyone had anything similar? Especially with the engraving bit?

Anything would be helpful on what happens next or the results others had!


Thanks x

Hi, I know how your feeling I had my first smear on the 14th March and the results came back as high grade dyskaryosis. I had a colposcopy and Lletz on the 2nd April and got the results on Monday which just said I had CIN 3 removed and will need a follow up smear in 6 months at my GP surgery. I had a 4 week wait for my results and I know the waiting is horrible but I'm sure your result will be the same as mine Xx

Thanks for your reply! After reading stuff on the net its nice to hear things can be quite straight forward! I think its always natural to presume the worst, eventhough thats the most unlikely outcome. Xx

Hi mine was the same I had my first smear age 25 in march came back high grade dyskaryosis colposcopy showed it was severe and I had lletz there and then. That was two weeks ago so I'm still waiting for my results. Yer if the solution shows bad cells then they remove them with lletz. I've had a sore belly for two weeks but better now . Hope your results come back good girls x

Good sign that you have waited that long for results! Hope you get good results when they eventually come x

Thanks anya anya I'm hoping it's a good sign too! I think the postman thinks I'm a weirdo! X

Haha I know the feeling,  im sure mine thinks im stalking him! X