New to forum. Advice/ support please

Hi, I’m not really sure what I’m asking/ expecting from posting this. I’ll try and cut a long story short…
I’m 39 and had gynaecological issues since having my son at 17. I haven’t received any treatment/ seen drs, I just dealt with it. Mainly being irregular spotting/ very heavy periods.
Over the past 3 months my periods have went to 45 days (?menopause) and even heavier than my normally heavy periods. This cycle I have had horrendous backache and upper leg cramps, feels like period time has not gone! I also bleed during/ after sex and when doing the toilet if I need to strain. Im bloated most days. Also started ferrous sulphate due to borderline iron levels. I’m absolutely terrified to go to my Dr about these symptoms. I know there’s something not right and would appreciate anyone’s input/ stories/ advice. Sending everyone my best wishes and thank you in advance for reading/ replying x

Hello Victoria 

i know this is really scary and I think you know you need to go see a dr but I want you to know it will not be as bad as you think. Any health issues should be investigated and although this is a very personal one let me reassure you that dr's deal with personal issues all the time. 

I am also 39 and have just gone through a treatment for stage 2b cc. I have learned so much but especially that this medical community is the most supportive, encouraging and non judgemental of any medical field I've seen. 

Pls find the courage to go and see your dr. Whatever is wrong can be treated!!!!

we are hear to support and answer any questions. You are not in this alone. 

I think it is definitely time to bite the bullet and see the doctor. I know it is scary, but once you have made that first step it will be a weight off your mind.

It is best to find out what is going  as quickly as possible, the longer you leave it the more you will worry, and worry isn't healthy. Hopefully, it will be nothing, and if it is... Medicine is amazing. The reality is probably far less severe than the scenarios you are imagining.

Please see a doctor, and I wish you all the best.