New to all this .....

Hi all I'm new here so please bear with me ....

I am a 31 year old mother of 4.

I've always kept up to date with all my smears.

Just recently had my 4th one and the results have come back low grade dyskaryosis high risk hpv.

I am a worrier by nature and this has completely sent me into overdrive and meltdown.

Reading through the posts I can see I shouldn't be overly worried but I just can't help it.

I look at my kids (especially my 15 month old) and I just want to cry.

My back story is ........had my youngest in April 2014.

Bled once waters went and didn't stop bleeding for 9 months!!!

My doctor is a gynaecologist so she said to go on the pill ....I did it didn't help in fact I think it was worse.

Went back put on strong hormone tablets for 3 weeks ....They worked but as soon as I stopped taking them the bleeding started 

Went back put on a different pill .....didn't work

Went back yet again had a swab down there and back on hormone tabs and another pill.

Phoned for results a week later told all clear no further action.

Later that day (5:45) my doctor calls telling me I had an infection and needed to start antibiotics right away she'll wait for me to get there.

Started the 10 day course straight away.

A week after finishing them I was still bleeding so went back and she said I really don't know what to do had an infection the antibiotics should have cleared it which will stop the bleeding.

She prescribed me another type of pill and said no point doing a swab again as we gave antibiotics for it already.

By Christmas I'd had enough and decided to stop taking the pill and just let me body regulate itself.

By February 2015 it seemed to slow down and March I actually had a break.

A year after my boy was born it looked like my periods were back to normal and life could go on.

I asked the docs for a smear as I knew I'd missed it cos of the bleeding they told me no!!

3 times I asked for one cos I like to keep things like that up to date in the end I lied and told them I received a letter telling me to book one.

Finally had my smear early July 2015 I felt something was wrong straight away.

She went all quiet and I bled a bit and the testing pot was red with blood.

I got my results back last Wednesday  (22nd) with low grade dyskaryosis high risk hpv. 

Told I will receive a date for a colposcopy in 4-6 weeks!!!

Nervous as he'll now as to what the outcome will be.

Sorry it's so long but I haven't told anyone so have had no chance to get this off my chest and with the kids being on their summer holidays now I can't even sit and read up as well as I could if they were in school.

Thanx for reading xx

The waiting is the worst part, as you can see from my history log mine was a bit of a whirlwind. Colposcopy is uncomfortable but not as bad as I pictured, I was diagnosed with cc in March had cone surgery and radical hysterectomy. from diagnosis to freedom was 107 days, which seemed like years but now feels as if it all happened so quick

im 7 weeks post op, all clear and getting back to normal with 2 beautiful kids and a loving fiance to marry next year!! 

Try not to over think anything although yours is different I'm sure you will be taken care of

all the best xx

Wow Yea you really were in whirlwind weren't ya???

So happy you got the all clear.

I feel awful worrying when there are people like yourself who've had worse news than me and have just got on with it.

There's me going on about a simple abnormal smear result .......

Thanx for the reply though hin and I'll be keeping this updated as much as I can xx

Just a quick question thought if you don't mind ......

How did you cope?? Did you just get on with it or deep down were you a bag of nerves just didn't let it show?? Or are you always an upbeat kinda gal

You could call for a sooner colposcopy but the fact it's a few weeks is actually a good thing as if they have any reason to believe cancer they have a 2 week appointment guidelines by nhs as I kept wondering why my appointments were exactly 2 weeks wait. So the fact it's longer means thet don't believe it's cancer as wouldn't allowed to be 4/6 weeks. 

Try not to worry so many people go and have either no treatment or just the lletz so try and remember this.

Best wishes xxx


Thank you hun I did think that myself

going through through ringer ain't ya??

Good luck and best wishes to you xx

hope all went/is well xx


I didn't .. At first! I thought the worst, I wrote letters and notes and planned everything possible! I can't even remember first 10 days after diagnosis just went on autopilot. whatever your diagnosis it's still a worry to you and your family, my story is not as bad as others but that doesn't stop it from turning your life upside down. I spoke to people, a lot on here as sometimes I didn't want to talk out loud if that makes sense. Don't keep anything to yourself whatever emotion you feel let it out .. I had days where I didn't wanna get out of bed but that's not an option with children and as they didn't know at first they kept me going. 

I never thought it would be over, but when it was well apart from the births of my children it was the beat day of my felt like I could breathe. I read everything possible although I didn't take much in at first but stay positive. Im a worrier inside and put on a front but I weren't going anywhere! 

My fiancé jokes now that I can't play the cancer card no more!! It worked well for a while (breakfast in bed,foot massage!)

Being strong is the only choice! 

Take care and please any questions someone on here will help xx

Aww thank you hun has been a better day!!!

Don't know why it just has (thankfully)

Found I wasn't thinking about it as much as the other days.

I've just started my monthlies (tmi) and it's really heavy already!!!

In agony with it and quite breathless this a bad sign??

I feel I'm looking to much into it now just when I thought I was doing ok.

Im sorry I feel stupid considering what others have been through even yourself I mean you've been through it and yet your answering my silly post but I really do appreciate it xx

So happy for your all clear xx

Your thoughts ain't silly, their yours and its your body and mind that's being put through it. 

As for your monthly I honestly can't comment, I had an implant for 3 years and barely seen, then after having it removed and trying for a baby my problems started. No symptoms as such, apart from my hair falling out?? Odd I know, no connection but I honestly believe it was my body telling me. And thank god it did. I never suffered with periods at any time though so I can't help there. 

Breathless could be from you worrying maybe, I had a few panic attacks during my "time" and a few times I would over think and just forget to bloody breathe lol. I hope it eases for you though. Have they given you someone to chat to? at Clinic etc? xx