new symptoms following biopsy that confirmed Sin 3 only

I have had 2 lletz treatments for Sin 3. The most recent being in January 2016. Since this time I have started having minor spotting which I have never experienced before. Previously my menstrual cycle has been like clock work. I have also experienced pain in the right side of my hip. However this is intermittent and worse following exercise. Due to only having lletz treatment 2 months ago and having this confirmed as Sin 3 only I am unsure whether to return to doctors??

Can cervical cancer develop that quickly?

Due to requesting an early smear after 1st Lletz due to wanting to get pregnant I was informed they would not do one any earlier than 6 months due to needing 6 months for cervix to repair. Just wondering what they would do if anything? And whether it is worth going to doctors? Any advice greatly received.

Hi. None of us on here are Dr's (as far as I know ) so I think the best thing you can do is go to the Dr.  It's obviously worrying you.

One thing I have learned is that 2 people can have virtually the same problem yet diagnosis is completely different.  

Hope it turns out to be something and nothing x