New symptoms- cin1


Back in 2020 I had a smear which was hpv positive (had it for years) and abnormal changes.
I then got pregnant before my colposcopy app and they couldn’t take a biopsy and told me to come back after baby.
Had baby and in 2021 at the end of the year I saw the doctor and had a biopsy and had CIN1. To be left for a year.

I didn’t go back and recently have experience bleeding between periods, pain after sex and spotting and smelly discharge. Along with some mild back pain etc.

I have my smear on Thursday and been referred to gynaecology asap.
I’m terrified, so so scared it’s cancer. Can it go from
Cin1- cervical cancer after a year? I can’t think straight and I have 2 young kids.

Any advice or support would mean a lot!

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