New symptoms 18 months after treatment

I was diagnosed with stage 1A1 CC in feb 2022. I went for a colposcopy and was told there that I had cancer. The consultant got rid of the majority of my cervix and cancer there and then with lletz and top hat. Mri confirmed it had gone.
Two weeks ago I started feeling unwell, followed by brown discharge for over a week, pelvic pains and cramps, bloating and fatigue and tingly aching lower back pain. I’ve messaged the gynae onc nurses and I’m booked in for tomorrow with consultant for an examination and review. I’m absolutely terrified that it’s come back. Has anybody else had anything like this? Thank you for reading x

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Yes, I’ve had similar. Mine appears to be caused by stenosis of the cervix following the surgery. It started about a year after my lletz treatments. Could this be the cause?

Thank you for your reply. Ah it could be that. The bleeding lasted for about 9 days and the blood/discharge was brown the whole time. Not like a period - not had one of those for about 2 years. Left with the aching back and pelvis now. I’m glad they’ve got me in today, put my mind at rest. I think we tend to over think everything don’t we once we’ve had cervical cancer - plays on your mind all the time. Xx

After MRI of pelvis it turns out I have cysts on both of my ovaries. Had a phone consultation with consultant. Back in 4 weeks anyway for a smear test and he said they need to keep an eye on the cysts. Not sure whether he will do anymore tests? Explains my symptoms at least xx