New stage

hi ladies

i was told at the beginning that I was at least a 1b, found out today I'm a 2b, quite a jump, quite a shock too, but any stories, advice etc..... Is very much appreciated


thanks for,reading xx

Hi I too was told the same as you and found out I was n the 2b club I have just finished 5 weeks of radiation and 5 circles of chemo and had 2 brachytherapy only 1 more to go on Tuesday and I have been fine apart from feeling a little sick after chemo thay give me anti sickness tabs and number 2s have been up the wall sorry for tmi hope your treatment gos as well as mine good luck x

Hi Tracy,

I was a 2b as well. That was getting on for four years ago. The treatment is tiring but doable. We're all here for you :-)

If you want my story you can find it by clicking on my name in pink. It's called "My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy" though treatment in Greece differs from treatment in UK.

Be lucky :-)



Hi Tracy,


Like yourself I was 1B, and then upgraded to 2B after internal checks. I have just completed my 4th week of Chemo Rads, and will have 3 Brachy in 2 weeks. Like Cvs, I've felt really sick with the Chemo, back and forth to the loo all the time, and my bum is on fire ! The Hospital team are brilliant, but you must keep them informed of all issues and discomfort and they will help you along the way. The plus side is that the treatment is not as bad as I feared at the start.

Good luck and best wishes xxx

Thank you all ladies, very comforting to hear others stories, tivoli, I loved,your,story! Off to,hospital tomorow, for I'm hoping, treatment plan, how long do,you normally have between getting plan,,and starting the treatment?