new, scared and just had result 'high grade dyskaryosis' (children mentioned)

Hi there, I got my letter through yesterday and have spent most of the time since crying and fearing the worst…i happened upon this website and already feel calmer as there are so many posts like mine :slight_smile:
I am 40 years old and gave birth to my daughter (my first, i am a late bloomer) just over 6 month ago. I was due a pap smear a few days after I found out l I was pregnant last year so it had to be delayed…I remember feeling nervous about that as I have always gone for smears since I was first called in my early 20s (always normal), so this would mean delaying it by at least 1year-18months - I was advised to wait 6 months after the birth.
My partner and I agreed that we didnt want to get pregnant again so soon so I decided to have a coil fitted. I went to have this done last Friday (9th Aug) and the doctor asked if I was due a smear and would i like it done at the same time, to which I agreed as 6 months had gone by…in the middle of the procedure she started to ramble about there being lots of discharge (sorry if TMI) and that there was an erosion. She also told me I had Bacterial Vaginosis (I had this just after the birth too)…lucky me eh?..I asked what the erosion was an she said she would explain later. After the smear and the fitting of the coil she gave me some anti biotics but didnt mention the erosion…i had to ask her! She explained it was an inflamed area at the opening to the cervix that bled to the touch and that it could the the BV infection but maybe not…I asked what else it could be and she said I would have to wait for the smear result. Well I guess I knew at that point that something was up so although getting the letter was a huge shock…I wasnt entirely surprised by it…apart from the ‘high grade’ part…thats scared the hell out of me. I couple of my friends know of at least one person who has had treatment for abnormal cells before…and my mum had some treatment for the same thing when she was my age so I should relax and just go with it but all I can think about is the erosion and wonder if thats the cause and if it actually means early cancer :frowning:
I am getting myself into a right state thinking about it all…I feel like I have waited such a long time to have a family and my daughter is my absolute world so the thought of something happening to me and her growing up without a mummy is making me hysterical. My parter is being fantastic and supportive but I can tell he is really scared too.
Apologies for such a long post…I just wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience to mine and can shed some light on it all…I have to wait until Monday to sort anything out as the letter says I have to contact my GP to sort out a referral…
Thanks for reading this
Jacqui :frowning:

Hi Jacqui,

I had a smear when I was 25 and it was 'high grade'.  Had the cells burnt off and I was fine. Carried on with life.

I'm 31 now.  I had a smear in May and the nurse said I had a lot of discharge.  I also have mild spotting between peiods and bleed after sex.  She said my cervix bled when she took the swab and said it could be an erosion.

Apparently erosions are common during/after pregnancy and it is not dangerous.  I haven't been pregnant however.

My smear result came back as mild grade but as I was still having issues I went for a colposcopy.  That came back as moderate grade.

I too have been freaking out just in case my cells have 'turned'.

Helen x


Hi Helen

I cant tell you how relieved I am to hear someone else say they had the erosion that bled too.....I have really struggled to find anything linking erosions and CC, only that erosions are never malignant, I guess my worry is that its not an erosion but something else...but I am stupidly trying to find a link via sources that are dubious and I know in my heart of hearts that only the colposcopy will really be the start of me getting answers. its frightened me that I have the high grade result too. I have just read your earlier post and it sounds to me really positive that the changes are moderate.....the biopsy I believe is very definitive and would detect anything if its more than cells that are pre-malignant, having said that I definitely understand your fears. Keep positive and I will do the same.....we are in the system now and will be looked after. Pap smears are not 100% successful at picking up cell changes as they only check small lets think ourselves 'lucky' that ours have been picked up and will be dealt with. 

Best of luck with any further treatment xx