New. Questions and a little scared.

I’m a 34 year old, married and have two little girls 4 and 6. Here’s my history:

May/June 2005 abnormal pap and LEEP
Jan 2009 abnormal pap (pregnant with first daughter. Doctor waited to do colpo)
August/Sept 2009 - March 2015 normal paps.

I’ve had traces of blood after intercourse a couple years back due to a polyp and hasn’t happen since then until two weeks ago after intercourse there was some blood but just on tissue after wiping and faint brown discharge the next day. No pain during intercourse. I generally have normal periods usually heavy to moderate and on time between 31 to 33 days apart. Today six days before my period is to start there was some blood on my tissue which has gone to light brown discharge and nothing throughout the day.

Other symptoms that I’m concerned about is a couple months ago I had pelvic pain for a few days and went in for a UTI, I had no infection but I had trace blood in my urine. I also went in a month later for a fever and low back pain I did a urine test no infection but trace blood in my urine again. The practitioner didn’t seem concerned about the trace blood. I’ve had no back pain since.

I have had no severe pelvic pain since as well but every now and then once or twice a month I’ll have short shooting pains in pelvic/abdomen area lasting no longer than a few minutes, it happens intermittently.

I have health anxiety. So with the irregular bleeding today, the trace blood in my urine tests among the other things I’ve mentioned I’m afraid that I have Cervical Cancer.

Any advice or information anyone can give me?
I’m concerned about irregular bleeding, and the trace blood in my urine tests.
Can CC grow in a year?
Other than CC what can it be?
I have an appointment for my pap on March 31. I go every year.

Hi Chris. Sorry you are going through the mill and are feeling so anxious. We are always told to report any intermittent bleeding or post coital bleeding as it could be a sign of disease, so it's good that you have a scan soon. However, you have a history of bleeding due to polyps and pelvic pain that goes away, so try not to jump to conclusions . Getting the balance right can be difficult in that we should get checked if there is something unusual going on, but then if you have health anxiety, it could be that you misinterpret pain as something very serious when it might not be. Hopefully you will get the reassurance you require soon when you have the smear. But if in doubt, check it out.