New post treatment discharge


I am almost two years post treatment and I am having new discharge that makes me nervous because I had a lot of fluid discharge before being diagnosed. I also did have discharge early on after treatment, but over time it went away, until now. I had an exam not long ago (but before the discharge started happening) and my doctor said everything looked fine, but I also heard that a lot when I had symptoms before my diagnosis and kept going back to the doctor. My cancer was adenocarcinoma and the tumor was inside the cervix so exams and Pap smears on the outside do not always catch it. I am wondering if others have had discharge a couple years post treatment. Trying to just not let the anxiety rise up again….

Hi Sarah,

Not the same, but i’ve had persistant watery discharge since diagnosis and treatment in 2021. My doctor has always told me that if it changes or worsens to call right away. It might be nothing but you won’t know unless you get it checked out! Hoping for the best for you!

Thank you for the response! I did have watery discharge soon after treatment as well and this is definitely different. I am trying to get an appt with my doctor who was my radiation oncologist during treatment (I have a different doctor for follow up appts…). It is hard to not go to that panic place. :pleading_face: