New petition..

i have started another petition to try and get the smear age lowered to 16. I know people have tried and failed in the past but I’m hoping that if we keep on trying wverntually they’ll listen…

July 2015 my beautiful friend Charlotte went for her first smear test (aged 26) and unfortunately a consultant turned up to her house to tell her she had stage 2 cervical cancer with lymph node spread (queue panicking)

She underwent 28 rounds of radiotherapy… 3 internal therapy and endless chemotherapy… Unfortunately on Tuesday 5th April Charlotte sadly passed away it had spread up her spine and into her brain…

Now it’s taken my friend it’s personal… Someone who was everyone’s sunshine is now gone… And I feel unnecessarily as it is something that could have been preventable 10 years earlier had it been diagnosed from a younger age… This is something we wouldn’t be facing now…

If girls are having sex from 16/ can drive at 17/ smoke at 18 why can’t they have a simple test to prevent cancer? They try and prevent us taking things that end our lives but they don’t help us to find out if we’ve got the dreaded C word…

Why is there so much stigma around the phrase “smear test” it’s a 2 minute job that could save you/ your mum/ your sister/ your daughter/ friend/ neighbour/ nan/ niece

If this awareness saves one other person I’ll be happy…

Please all help me in this petition it would mean more to me than you’ll ever know! Xxx

Let us now how we can help! Xx

If anyone at all could go to  And sign this petition and share it among their own friends and family.. They could raise awareness for others.. And hopefully we can get this changed.. One small change could make a massive difference 

thankyou xxx

Thats really sad.i think i read about your friend on facebook on a cervical awareness page.such a worry.iam trying to get my 21 year old daughter to have a smear but failing.ill never give up trying to persuade her

I agree. So sad to hear. I was diagnosed on my first smear at 25. By that time it had already advanced and has spread to 3 lymph nodes xx

Signed and shared on Facebook :) please keep us posted on its progress, and hopefully something good will come from this very sad time


Signed.  So sorry to hear about your friend.  Hopefully the more we keep on at this the more chance there is that something will be done.  I think it is horrendous that we are hearing so many stories of young girls under the age of 25 being diagnosed with this yet the age limit remains.  xxx

Signed. So sorry to hear about your loss xx

I have signed 

so sorry for your loss ❤