New on here


I am new on here and would quite like some people to chat to who have similar experiences. I went for my second smear in June and the results came back with mild dyskaryosis and HPV+. I went for a colposcopy and had two biopsies taken and 4 weeks later got the results saying I have abnormal changes (CIN 3) and require loop treatment. The treatment is booked for 4 weeks time, however I am on holiday then. I have asked my nurse if they feel it is better to have it two weeks later when i am back from holiday or I need it before and she said she is happy to wait until I am back. However I am now worried that by waiting a further two weeks, I may experience even more severe changes. I might be over reacting, but quite upset and emotional about the news.

Has anyone else had to change their appointment?



Hi Alexandra,

Dont worry, It takes years for CIN 3 cells to develop into cancer and not all CIN 3 cells will progress to cancer. Its something like 40% than will go onto be cancerous. 

So a 2 week wait will not be a problem. The nurse wouldn't have agreed to postpone the treatment if she thought it was that severe it would change quickly.

Thank you for replying. Just guess I am scared about what else they could find and the repeat smear following the treatment. Just need to try and stay srong and positive!