New NICE guidance, cervical cancer omitted!!!

New advice has been released (very quietly by the government!) on a new fund for cancer treatment whilst Covid is impacting on services.


I am disgusted yet again to note that Cervical cancer is omitted. 

I wonder if you could all lobby your MP's at this time. I am quite unwell at the moment, but I am going to

look at a judicial review to include Pembroluzimab (which is currently under trials in the UK and delayed by Covid.)


If you can contact your MP and find out why exactly, Cervical cancer has been left out again, it's all we can do. 

If you need any help, please message me. If you need to know who your MP is look here-





I'm really sorry to hear you are having to deal with so much. Thank you for bringing this really important information to our attention. None of us know if or when we many need further treatment for our condition and it's sad to know that our type of cancer is deemed much less important. I have e-mailed my MP (Dean Russell) in Watford this morning using the heading of (NHS England interim treatment options during the COVID-19 pandemic) from the information you sent. 

Sending you lots of hugs Claire,

Xx Maria


 Hi Claire 

Thank you for going to the effort of making us aware of this, even though you are unwell at the moment. I share your disgust that cervical cancer has been overlooked and I have used the information in your post to email my MP. 

All the best xXx

Thank you Memagh,

I hope we raise enough of a stink that it is reviewed. 
kind regards,


Thank you very much for following this up.