New need some advice

Hi all, just need some advice as i am VERY fed up now and dont not what is normaly and not my dr doesnt seem to no ether witch is not ver reasuring.


Had a loop excison done on 3rd june this year after i had very watery disscharge then blead a little, i then had my period afte this more watery disschrge witch then seemed to settel right down and pretty much stop! but 4 days after period 15th i started bleedomg again went to get it checked by time gyno finaly saw me it had nearly stoped and was more of a pinky disscharge, they had a look and told me it seemed to be heelimg well i may have just kncked it , on disscharge letter it said it looked very red and raw! only lots of anti biotics.


Since leaving hospital bleeding it much wrose, showing no signs of stopping, i feel very tired all the time now and today feel abit sicky.


is this just part of the long road to recovery as i was never told about all this, it been a very tuff tear of loosing family member to caser witch it making me ever more feb up and i feer i wont have stopped bleeding in time to enjoy my holiday witch is 3 weeks way! 


Any advice or reasurance would be great..


Thank you 


Hi Emma

I'm so sorry to read you lost a family member to cancer, it must make this all the more worrying for you. However, I have been in the very same boat as you with CIN1 and CIN2. They removed it all and I had my 6 month check this week. Waiting on results but they said it looked very good. Chances are they have removed everything so you can rest easy. Loop/lletz isn't very nice and does take a bit out of you, you should look after yourself by eating healthy and keeping active. I would nearly guarantee that you will have stopped bleeding within 3 weeks and should be able to enjoy your holiday. Best of luck to you hun xxx

Thank you very much for replying and your reassurance it's make me feel about better :) 


On Friday and sat my bleeding had pretty much stopped. Today it's really bad lots of blood like it's coming out an open wound just when it's looked to be carming down. Very frustrating!  Is this normal?