new need help

Hi am new and very confused,,

Had smear come bk high grade dyskaryosis 9 days later went for colposcopy they said my cervix was full of abnormal precancerous cells need to do biopsy would not give me any more info also had another doc come in to have a look done six biopsy then said looks like high hpv and Carcinoma In Situ... i ask if biopsy was to look for cervical cancer her answer was yes need to wait in results am 36 with 3 children very emotional some advis

e would be nice thanks joni colposcopy 22 jan xx

Hi  Joni I felt the same after I had my colposcopy I've got low grade dyskaryosis and HVP and had 2 biopsies taken I got all worked up at my appointment and I couldn't talk to the doc for crying I didn't ask any questions I just wanted to get it over with and get out of there, I spent the first 2 weeks after googling and looking at anything I could find on colposcopies and cervical cancer I couldn't sleep and when I did sleep I was having random nightmares about wierd things and shouting out in my sleep on the third week I was so down and desparate for some help I got all my letters out and read them and found a phone number for the nurses and rang it and asked to speak to someone who could explain what had gone on and what to expect she was very nice and patient I was crying and breaking down on the phone and she reasured me I feel a lot better now still waiting for my letter to confirm what the biopsies have shown. I'm 52 and had had my colposcopy on 23rd Dec 

Try to speak to someone at the clinic next week and tell them how you feel I think all this waiting is cruel there are a lot of us on here in the same boat take care xxx



Hi carol Thankyou for your reply... Ifeel like am going out my mind..All the information i have read most of it says they treat abnormal prcancerours at the time...Ithink because she got another doctor in to look and they were reluctant to give me any information made thnigs worse..The only thing she would say is that my whole cervix was covered and white patchy...I asked COULD THIS BE CERVICAL CANCER she just said you know you have percancerous cells your cervix are covered you will have to wait on the results   not helped me at all .. i think i will take your advise and call


Very good luck hope all is possitive 

Joni xxx

They didn't treat mine because i said i don't want to have this Lletz I've had a Mirena coil since 2003 for heavy periods and I've not had a period for 12 years but since i've had it I've nothing but scans and repeat smears coz they can't find my cervix then they can't find the treads of my coil so they send me for an untra sound to look if its still there then the last smear showed theseabnormal cells since 2008 I've 13 intenal exams i've just had enough of people poking at my intimate  bits.

My personal view of this pre cancer cells on my cervix is I can live without a womb and cervix i've got 2 grown up sons the worst cenario I've got face is have them taken away which i will be put to sleep for a while and when i wake up all this worring will be over and i will be able to get on with my life again I hope this helps this is whats keeping me going at the moment I know your younger than me and you've got three children xx