New need advice.

Good Evening to you all,

This is my first post on Jo's so I really hope I've popped it in the right place.

I have been reluctant to post as I don't want to seem to be a hypochondriac or offend any of you lovely ladies.

I have in the last 2 months or so found Jo's a great source of comfort and advice so just want to say thank you in advance.


So a little bit about why I am now posting and a bit about me.


I'm Kelly 29 (30 in Dec) single and have no children and have PCOS.

I was due my smear test last Dec and for one thing or another I put off going, it was my last year at University and always found an excuse not to go. I know Im stupid!

Over the past year or so I have experienced a lot of symptoms, most of them have gotten worse these past 3 months.

I have had a creamy stringy discharge since March (sorry for tmi) doesn't smell or make me itch.

Have had constant period like pain, bloating, weird periods that have been very painful yet either very light or really heavy. I have discomfort when inserting tampons.

I also had pain after sex and on 2 occassions had bleeding but put it down to being close to being on my period. And on the night when I go to bed I have a strange lower back pain.


I went to my GP in Sept to get a smear as I knew I was waaaay over due, unfortunately they couldnt do it as my medical records hadn't been sent through from my Uni Doctors.

However last week I had swabs taken, I dont have any STD's and no other bactrial infections  or PID they all came back clear.


I have a pelvic & Vaginal ultrasound booked for 21st Nov. But not 100% sure what they are checking for or what will if anything would show up.

I would just like some advice really, I have read some of your personal stories and even though my symptoms match some of yours I am in now way saying I have CC.


I cant shake the feeling that because I was silly and didnt go for my smear something could be wrong. So...

Should I go for my smear now before my ultrasound?

If I dont have an STD or PID what else do you think it could be?

Has anyone else had these symptoms but been told they have something else?


Sorry for the essay and thank you for reading. I dont want to sound attention seeking I would just like a little help if possible.


Thank you again

Kelly xxx



Hi Kelly,

If you book yourself in for a smear test now are you likely to get the results back in the next three weeks? i.e. before your ultrasound appointment. I can understand that you are concerned and that you feel that an interim smear test may make you feel more in control. But if you are likely to have a long wait for the results it may actually add to your current stress level. I'm sorry that I cannot be any more helpful than that.

Be lucky


Hi hon,

I am actually surprised that they have not made sure to do the smear before anything else. I would def get another one booked ASAP and yes hopefully you would know about that before the scans.

that said, I don't think 11 months counts on here as way overdue; a lot of us seem to have been more avoidant than that! Ie years!

all your symptoms could be something else though hon so try not to panic. 

Molly xxxx

Hey! I would book a smear (results at my docs never take more than 2 weeks) I  had all of the symptoms you're experiencing and had CIN3 (which was removed wth lletz) better to get checked out and sorted asap, but as others have said it could be nothing so try not to worry. Better to know what your dealing with than worry about what could be x

Get the smear.

Get the smear

Get the smear.


Advice from a very long term smear dodger!

Thank you so much for your advice ladies it is very much appreciated.

i have booked in for a smear but it's not till next week but at least it will be done. 

Does anyone know if the The testing for HPV is no done automatically at all doctor surgeri s?