New member very stressed waiting on results.

Hi everyone,

I had a cone biopsy last Thursday under GA after being told I was getting a LLETZ.  I had been told I had precancerous cells prior to this.

The doctor explained they did the cone biopsy as I had high grade cells that were spread.  I was still a bit groggy from the GA and asked her what high grade meant and if it could

mean cancer and she said yes.  now I'm pretty sure at this point I asked her if it looked like cancer and she nodded.  She then said that for most girls it's not and kept repeating that.   Now I have myself convinced that it is and am really stressed. I am doubting what was said even though I'm sure I remember it properly. She said my results would be ready in 4 weeks and am looking for advice on how to get through them without be narky and falling out with everyone. Xx


would it be possible for you to call her and ask all those questions again , now that affect of GA is gone ?

Sandra x

Hi Sandra,

thanks very much for replying.  I think I had myself in a bit of a state yesterday after a sleepless night.   I am a bit nervous about calling the doc in case I remember it right cos then I'll still be waiting for the results anyway. I know that might sound a bit nuts.


I am going back to work on Tuesday so I am hoping that keeping busy will help take my mind off things.

Thank again for replying.


Hiya Debmcfly

Im sorry to hear you are going through this but youve come to the right place, macmillan is also very good.

The waiting is the worst, i have found that trying to keep busy helps, its not perfect but for me anyway if i am on my own and have too much thinking time its not the best.

Hope you hear soon hun

big hugs xx

Hi K3lly1981,

Thanks so much for your message. I definitely think keeping busy is good for me too. Went round to a girls night with my friends last night which was good. Spoke to them
About it and slept really well last night. Going to keep busy today and get back to work this week.

I hope things are ok with you and you are well and if you are also waiting for results that you hear soon.

Debs x

Hiya Deb

Really glad you managed to talk and sleep well, yes keeping busy will hopefully help. 

Hope going back to work helps hun

Thank you, playing the waiting game too- it's awful isn't it

Hope you get your results soon too Hun, keep us posted - big hugs xx