New member seeking advise :)

Hello everyone 

my smear came back abnormal in feb and I have a colo/lletz 2 days ago and Im feeling  so bloated is this normal?? I had it under LA and it was a bit uncomfortable but not painful. 

Its so nice reading all the stories to know im not alone! So worried about resualts as it was my first smear:( I'm 25 with a 3yr old I'm so worried.... 



I am 25 and also had my first smear which came back moderate dyskaro in feb. I had lletz treatment on 26th of feb and just awaiting the results. I have felt bloated and uncomfortable since really, I came on my period 5 days after the treatment which was very painful and have been bleeding ever since :( getting very fed up of it all really. I'm very worried about the results to but the nurses did say at the colop it looked consistent with the smear results but I know they can't be 100% sure untill they examine it properly in the lab. I hope the results come soon. Did they say how long you would have to wait for yours? Mine said 2-4 weeks. I'm trying to hold on to the fact that only a very small percent of people in our situation would have already developed invasive cancer but its still difficult not to worry. I think it is more common that you think aswell. My good friend has also just had her first smear and refferd for a colop aswell. 

Dannii xxx


hi girls, im in exactly the same situation as you and also aged 25. had my LLETZ on tuesday with LA, also felt it a bit uncomfortable but in overall much better than i imagined. i have been bloated since too and not felt like eating very much at all, not sure if this is because i am worrying so much about the results or because of the treatment!

 I also have the awful 2-3 week wait on results but do feel that i can relax a little more at the weekend though as i am not in fear of them ringing me! all i keep thinking is if it was an advanced cancer im sure the colposcopist would have seen it or it would have shown in my punch biopsy - but easier said than done as i am convincing myself that i have cancer :( lets try and keep up the positive thoughts!!!! xxx

Hey girls 

thank you for the response so nice to know I'm not alone!! I also have a 3 week wait for my results :( I'm just hopping they don't contact me sooner cos it will b bad news! Well it seems that way!! I have had a small amount of bleeding but I think that's normal! Lets try and stay positive girls that's all we can do!! Please keep me updated on your news :) xxx 

Hi I'm also 25 and smear test results came back as severe dyskaryosis so had colposcopy and lletz on 19th feb. Still waiting for results. I still have cramping pain and been bloated since. Everyone keeps saying that if results were bad then they would write sooner. Hope that's the case. Good luck everyone xx

Hi girls have anti of you had your results back yet?? This waiting is a nightmare!! How are you all xx 

No not yet!!!!!! this is good is'nt it


Right I rang again! and the first person I speak to tells me its 4 weeks until they get put om the system and 10 weeks till a letter comes out!! this is Leicestershire, After I got put through the Colpscopy secretary she tells me that they deal with the urgent ones straight away so others get out back and they are short staffed etc etc, anyway she said they cant give me any results over the phone more than their jobs worth but that she will try to get the nurse to dictate a letter tomorrow this is mainly due to me already carrying enough stress as my mum has stage 4 lung cancer but I really so beleive that if we had anything really wrong they would be on it straight away, also these changes are very slow dont think waiting changes anything but its just bad for the nerves I just want to move on...


I’ve not heard anything either, day 15 for me and hoping that if it was really bad news I’d of heard by now??? So many ups and downs this past two weeks, it really is horrible!

Emily, how bad is that, 10 weeks!! I was told 2-3 at mine it just doesn’t seem right!!!

Hope you’re all ok, chin up girls xx

Hi, Just wanted to say that I am also 25 and had Lletz under GA on the 5th March, so day 16 for glad I havent recieved a phone call before now! Although I do think that the chances of that being the case is small anyway, seeing as ive already had three biopsies taken at colposcopy and if there was evidence of cancer it would have shown up on there, surely. 

Anyway here's to waiting! xxx


Hey girls well I have got my letter and CIN2 has been diagnosed  and they have removed it all :) so another smear in 6 months :) hope all you girls get good news please keep me updated :) xx 

Hi Ladies, I had my first smear when I was 18 (after splitting with a partner who cheated), result came back fine...I then got with my current boyfriend (at 18) and thats when my problems all started...i have a pre-exisiting blood condition and so was on the pill for 3 months at a time, i then started to get breakthrough bleeding and was bleeding during intercourse, tried changing my pill twice which did nothing. Haemotologist reffered me to the gynae and they thought i might have had a polyp, this was negative. They then decided to give me the coil which was fine and I also had another smear test (just to be on the safe side) which came back with mild changes. 6 months later I went for another which came back with severe changes. Was booked in for a colposcopy and had another smear test (along with swabs to check for infections), smear test showed abnormalities, biopsy came back fine, went for another smear test 6 months later, which came back abnormal, had another biopsy taken in February and this came back with CIN3, I have been booked in for my LLETZ treatment which is on the 30th April.


I am quite nervouse about this procedure as my coil has to come out and I am hoping they will give me another form of contraception during my healing time as i cannot bear to go back to a 35 day period with severe anaemia....


Hope you are all well and got good results!! xx