New member... looking for some advice for upcoming treatment please

Hi all! I’m new here thanks to finding this site after an online search, please bear with me as I’m new to all this!! I’ve had a total of 4 smear tests (1st one inconclusive) but the other 3 (why I had to have 3 more plus a biopsy I don’t know!) but now today the hospital have called to book me in to have the amnormal cells removed, I’m guessing by LLETZ as they didn’t say I couldnt eat/drink before hand Like I’ve read up. Now my question is how long do you have off work? My appointment is at 9.40am and my boss seems to think I’ll be fit for work straight after so I don’t know what to do! I’m prettified of needles, hospitals, everything like that so I’m very tense (my first smear test at the hospital I was so tense the speculum came flying out and her response was ‘at least you have good muscles down there!!) so I’m terrified to say the least!! Will I be able to leave the hospital and go straight to work? im A florist at a garden centre however I have to lift bags of soil, large plants, gas bottles etc as well. Any advice would be gretefully appreciate!! Thanks :) 

Hi, Welcome to the site and forum.

I understand how daunting it must be going for a colposcopy and having LLETZ for the first time, but I’m sure you’ll be fine. The staff are really lovely and professional, and will aim to put you at ease. You will have a consultanting appointment beforehand to explain about the procedure. Colposcopies are similar to smears, but takes a little longer and soon you won’t feel it in. They will paint a solution onto the cervix, so that the abnormal cells can be located. They may offer you a view of your cervix on a monitor (I looked and found it interesting!). If the cells are present, they may offer you LLETZ, which you will have to give consent or have a biopsy. They will offer you a local anaesthetic (feels like having blood taken in you arm) and will feel some movement. It takes about 10-15 minutes, so it’s pretty quick. The staff will put you at ease during the procedure and may offer you a cup of tea. The benefit of having a LLETZ there and then, is that it will cut down the time of having to go back for treatment anyway. What they take away will be analysed and will give a more accurate result than a smear, and will determine if you need further treatment or to be re-examined in 6 months time. In some circumstances, they may offer a GA, but you’ll have to return for this, but I think you’ll be fine with a LA.

Have they sent you any information on the dos and don’ts before the appointment? They advise not to used tampons or douche a couple of days before; if you‘re on your period, let them know how heavy it may be on the day, as you may have to reschedule; and perhaps bring a friend, as you may not feel up to driving.

They will tell you all the dos and don’ts afterwards, such as no heavy lifting, sex, or exercise for 2-4 weeks. As this may cause the ‘scab’, which forms where they LLETZ you to dislodge before it’s healed and may cause a prolonged healing time. So I think it would be wise to forewarn your employer, that you would be under doctor’s orders not to do too much heavy lifting in your job. Depending on how you feel, you may return to work the same day, but most women usually have the day off. 


Hey Candyh

I have LLETZ booked in for tomorrow too, fingers crossed all goes well!