new in here

Hello I’m a newbie in here,
I recently had my smear test and it’s come back abnormal and high grade dyskaryosis… and just waiting for my appointment to come for a colposcopy I’m so scared to be honest as I lost my auntie to cervical cancer last August and my other auntie is having treatment at the moment I’m only 27 too also feel I can’t tell family as I don’t watch them to worry

Thank you for reading
Tara x

Hi Tara 

It is very likley that you will have CIN 3 which can be treated.  Cervical Cancer is actually pretty rare, particularly if you are up to date with your smears.  As far as doctors are concerned, abnormal cells and cervical cancer are caused by the HPV virus (which 80% of people will have at some time or another).  Cervical cancer is not hereditary, so you are not at greater risk because of your family history.

Having said that, I can imagine it is very scary, as you have seen the devastation a cc diagnosis can cause.  I hope you are able to be treated quickly and have your mind put at ease.  I also hope your aunty is doing well with treatment. 

Make sure you speak to someone - family member or friend - as it is important to have support xxx

My grandmother had cervical cancer in her 30s. Ive been told there isn't a genetic link with cervical cancer but to me it surely can't just be a coincidence if someone in your family has had it? 

I'm in the same situation as you, awaiting my colposcopy on 15th April - over 3 weeks waiting :(

I am also 27.