New HPV exposure after 30 yrs monogamy

30+ yrs monogamous husband biopsy positive for anogenital warts. Neither of us have any known prior STI history. Is it true HPV can be dormant for decades? What is the likelihood I am already asymptomatically infected? I am scheduled for a PAP. Is there anything else I should do? Scared and confused. TIA.

Hi Lee
I’m not a doctor but it is accepted that high risk HPV (the kind that can cause cervical and other gynaecological cancers) can be dormant for years including decades. There can be an up swing in the numbers of menopausal women who suddenly get diagnosed after years of monogamy!

I imagine that low risk HPV (the kind that causes warts) can also have a similar dormancy and then recurrence when someone is older or maybe their immune system is compromised by illness or other factors.

HPV detection doesn’t mean someone has gone outside the relationship

I don’t believe you need to do anything else apart from attend your screening, you may not have had many HPV tests before, if any, as in many places the guidelines have changed over the last few years. Previously the test was just a Pap smear

Hope that helps x

Hi Lee,
I was found to have HPV last year despite being single for years.In my opinion my HPV got a hold on me after either the covid vaccine or covid itself.I had spot in my groin which I waa never concerned about.3 months after the covid vaccine in 2020 I got covid.Sometime around then (I can’t remember if it was between the two events or not) I noticed the spot I hadn’t been concerned about had changed appearance and now looked like a wart to me.I had 3 different docs look at it and none of them thought it was a genital wart.By this time it had spread to 3.I got them frozen off in the end.
Anyhow where I am going with this is I think they were some kind of warts.To me they looked wartish.I had warts a few times on my fingers throughout my life.I believe that if I had HPV on the outside of my genital area then what’s to say it is not inside also.I believe covid or the vaccine suppressed my immune system and let HPV,which my body had been keeping at bay itself, to flourish.
So maybe something similar to this happened to your husband- A shock to the immune system of some kind.