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Hi I hope I have posted in the right place, a year ago I had an abnormal smear and found out I have I think they worded it high risk HPV so had to go to hospital were they checked me and said I had pre-cancerous cells, but was sent away and told I needed to have smear tests every year, well I have had that and again same result so was called to the hospital within a week and they had a look and said they could see something so have taken a large biopsy and I am now waiting for that result, that was 8 days ago, I just want to find out what is going on the waiting is driving me slightly crazy. I wish I had asked more questions at the hospital I think I was just a bit shocked and my biopsy was painful and I just wanted to get out of there. I understand I am at higher risk because of the HPV. Has anyone else had the same. (sorry if I have not used the right words still trying to understand it all) xx

I've just found this site today, and reading your post I found myself thinking of me in November.
I had my first test in 2013, didn't think much of it until I got the letter saying I had some "low grade changes" (that's how they phrase it in Aus) and I was told not to worry too much and to come back in a year.. I did that and got sent off for a colposcopy. Same result. (2014)

In November I went back for a colposcopy, at the start they assured me it was all fine and nothing to worry about "it's uncommon in girls your age" was a phrase I've heard too many times these past few years.. they took a biopsy after the solutions were used and I walked out a total mess.

I was in a state of shock and just cried for what felt like no reason. I felt just like you do. And it felt like no one understood.

a few (very emotional and stressful) weeks later I got the call - Had to go in and sign paperwork and book a LLETZ procedure.
I was then at breaking point I guess. I had so many questions, and fears. Wahat I would have given to have known about this site- I would have tredged through it for hours on end to find answers I couldn't ask.

Tuesday last week I had my LLETZ (the silly way I have been describing it has been "taking a hot wire loop to my cervix like an ice-cream cone") I had it under a General anesthetic, most don't but I found the biopsy very stressful and I didn't want to have that anxiety/shock/emotional craziness again - I'd urge you to do it under a general if offered, anthough tedious - It's been pretty okay afterwards, I got the call yesterday saying they removed all the cells they had to. 

Besides a slight infection (which my only symptons were cramping pain (expected post surgery) and excessive sleep) I'm feeling much better about everything and I know I've rambled on and on about myself, but it's all what happened to me and knowing you're not the only one that felt like that may help.

Hope this at least makes you feel better.
Here if you need anything - If I had anyone that knew what it was like over the past 3 months I would have appreciated it more than anything!

Katie xx

p.s. I'm still not sure if I understand it all.

Hi, I am also in the horrible waiting for results phase. I totally understand how crazy you must be going because I'm just the same. I haven't had a smear for 2 years and that came back clear. I am not allowed another smear because I am not due one yet, I think that is rediculous, however after many trips to my gp I finally got a referral. I'm having several symptoms of cervical cancer, bleeding in between periods, after sex, constantly Needing a wee and extreme fatigue.  As well as changes to my bowel habits. 

Anyway the gyno thought I had an ectropian so got me back the following week for a colposcopy. She treated me for the ectropian but then asked me if I was sure my last smear was negative? I was like yes I'm sure. Then she said she needed to take a biopsy. She didn't tell me why and I didn't think to ask as I was a bit shocked and I could see the worry on my husbands face. That was 11 days ago so potentially another 2+ weeks to wait for result so I completely feel your pain. So much time to think the worse when it could be nothing. I hope all goes well for you keep us updated. Xx 

Hello from the U.S. - I just had my biopsy today. My doctor said my results would be back within a week. Does it take longer over there? I wish you the best on your results - hoping all is clear!