New here

I had abnormal smear 3yrs ago went on to have colposcopy which showed CIN 3 and hpv, had a sear test 6months 

Later was kind of told it was clear and would be 3 yrs when I get my next smear. I'm now worried as I have been getting

Pains after intercourse lasting a couple of days and also have discharge, should I be going to docs or is this normal after


Hi Angela, sorry I'm a bit confused. Was your last colp 3 years ago? If it was recent you could have a bit of an infction. If it was 3 years ago then unlikely to be causing discomfort. You should always go to the docs to have symptoms like this checked out though. It's probably nothing but why risk it? Whether it is an infection or abnormal cells again the sooner they can be treated the better. Xxx

thanks it was 3yrs ago but have always had pains since I did have infection after

but had antibiotics recently the pains has been getting worse so will make

appointment with Dr as it still another 6months till my next smear due