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Welcome to Jo's! Sorry you are having to go through all of this my lovely. I had LLETZ to remove CIN3 at the beginning of November, as you have already been for a colp as least you know some of the drill! I was under local when I had mine done and it really was ok, so if you are under general it should be a breeze. I was worried about the after effects - I was a bit sore for a new days but had no bleeding for about a week. I then got some cramps and some bleeding at this point and had a heavier period a few days later. Not exactly pleasant but really not too bad at all.  I think perhaps the more you do the longer it may take to heal, but I was back at work after one day, and as I live in London was walking to the tube, and up and down escalators and stairs etc and I seemed to be ok! Regarding the lifting - try not to lift anything too heavy for a few days but you should be fine after that. However I would stress that healing is different for everyone and if you find yourself in pain etc then it would be wise to have a bit more of a rest.

Honestly it isnt as bad as you think and you will relieved that it is out of the way. I would go to the doctor about the cramping etc as it is probably something different - cin3 does not normally have any symptoms. I have mild IBS and I was in a total panic it was related in some way.


Good luck and let us know how you get on


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i think GA can leave you feeling a bit out of it for a day or two so that sounds like a good idea!

The cramping could be related but from what I have heard generally CIN3 has no symptoms - although I am not convinced as I was starting to experience pain during sex about 2 monts before Embarassed

good luck!


Its funny.  I was shocked when I was told about HPV, I have done a post CIN1.  I have to have treatment but maybe because I am older.  I am very sports mad and compete.  The colposcopy nurse said I could carry on mountain biking as normal.  Can't take time off work I don't get paid, I am having to take one day off as is.  I know I can't swim which is a bum.  I am getting the picture they don't tell the truth.  Sex isn't an issue thanks to this I shall be single evermore.  I certainly can't see a way forward.  Actually the thought I finding someone and getting another form of it makes me feel sick.  They need to be able to test everyone.  I need to be out for my sanity and help me deal with this even more so.  I shall have a few days off thats it and maybe stick to road biking instead.  It also seems the discharge in some goes on far longer than the leaflets tell you.  Your just dumped with a load of cancer information leaflets a letter from the NHS saying to go see the person who did your smear for more info-she knew nothing complete waste of time.  Those nurses should be upto date with it.  Total shock.

Hiya, I too heard all the horror stories (well...heard...more like read on the and I'm extremely anxious about going to the doctors/nurse let alone a hospital (so much so that whenever I go for my pill check up my BP always takes about 3 goes before it's a normal level and my heart rate is always about 130!) but I can honestly hand on heart say that the LEETZ wasn't that bad. Obviously I was terrified before I went in and even had a little cry in the loo, but the nurses were lovely and really calming. My mum was there so that helped, but if she hadn't been one of the nurses would have held my hand and talked to me. Or you can take an ipod or something to take your mind off it (this sounds daft, how could you take your mind off having your legs akimbo etc, but mind over matter totally works in that situation). 

The best tip I have is to relax your belly - I naturally hold my belly in all the time, and this in turn makes you tense up down there, so I spent all my time in the chair NOT holding my belly in, this both took my mind off the procedure and kept my down there muscles relaxed (the things girls have to go through!)

In terms of afterwards I had 'period like cramps' exactly like they say in the leaflet, for two days (but on the second day I was only taking one ibuprofen every 4 hours rather than 2) and for a week or so I had little/no discharge (was thinking ooh got away with it) then about 7 days after I started bleeding and this carried on for about a week (went through stages sometimes heavy, sometimes not so bad) then it was on and off for the rest of the 6 weeks. I did notice that when I did something a bit exertive (jogging up the stairs at work lol) I bled a bit more, but nothing to worry about really. The main thing to remember is that it WILL stop, and you will get back to normal (I had a massive cry about week 4 because I just felt so gross and like I would never be normal again). 

As for sex everyone is different, but I felt so manky and low and gross I just wanted to be cuddled (never thought I'd say that lol). Did start to get a bit frustrated around week 4 though (Around the time I had my 'I just want to be normal' cry lol).

If you need anything or want to vent feel free to PM me :) x x x