New here

Hello. I got my diagnosis confirmed yesterday. Still reeling though we knew it was coming. Thought I would log in here and touch base with a support network.

Welcome blackberry! Sorry for your diagnosis chick but you have come to the right place! Do you know your stage or what type it is yet? Much love, helen x



sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It will be go go go for a few weeks now. of course you are still reeling, it's a huge shock to the system mentally and physically. Have a good read through the forums If you find it helps. The frat thing about jo's is that you are pretty much gaurateed to find someone who has had the same stage/treatment you have. 

Sorry that you had to find us but glad you did. 

Good wishes sent your way.

Hi Blackberry,

Just wanted to join in welcoming you to the forum, it's a fantastic support network. Sorry for your diagnosis but you are now definitely in the best place. Don't go anywhere near Google, just ask any questions that occur to you here on the forum and you will receive words of wisdom in response.

Be lucky :-)


Hi Blackberry

Sending you a big hug, so sorry to hear of your diagnosis.  Jo's is a fantastic place for help and support from all the wonderful ladies that post here - they certainly got me through it at the time.

You will be reeling for a while but it gets a bit easier once you have got your staging and treatment plan.  Keep us posted, we'll be here for you.



Hi Cheryl 


I am going in on tuesdsy for RH any advise. How are you now?

Thanks for the responses. Apparently it's grade 1 but don't have MRI results back yet so not sure of stage, or of course treatment plan. Should know more on Tuesday. The not knowing is awful isn't it. Glad my oncology nurse pointed me here though. I need to learn all the terminology and what it means....