New here with symptoms and scared to say the least

Hi ladies-
First off thank you each of you for your honesty and courage. I can feel the strength so many of you are passing along and it is a gift.

So… let’s see here goes. 41 yrs. old married 2 kids - all normal smears. Last one was Feb. 2015 so just 2 years ago - normal.

I’m on the pill b/c I have super painful ovulation,etc. This Jan my period ran longer than normal - I figured maybe b/c I’m getting old. Feb. period started and hasn’t stopped. Has reduced at times to spotting and even a yellowish discharge at times,etc… I just felt something was off so booked in for smear test. 1st smear came back low grade dyskariosis but positive for the 2 bad ones… HPV 16 and 18. :frowning: Colposcopy booked - he did another smear test which came back SEVERE dyskariosis… the punch biopsies revealed CIN II. I explained I’m not sleeping and a mess and want to take every precaution so did MRI last night which did not show anything crazy. He was able to fit me in today for my NETZ (like LEETZ diff. needle). boy was that a treat. :[ He also ordered a 3rd Smear test… Why would he do that? Does he see it’s clearly cancer and is baffled by the results not indicating that?

Did any of you have symptoms like me and have your LEETZ turn out ok or do I need to prepare myself for treatment and begin researching that. The information here has been invaluable and I greatly appreciate all of your time and advise.

Stay strong ladies. xxx

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear you are having a frightening time and sorry I can't be of much help here. Have you tried posting in the colposcopy section of the forum?

Be lucky :-)