New here with symptoms and scared to say the least

Hi ladies,

First off thank you for this forum it has provided me with such valuable information leading up to this point. About me… 41 yrs old - 2 kids (and finished there)… One random abnormal smear in 06 and all fine until this year. My last normal smear was 2 years ago so I was adhering to the 3 year rule here in which case it had just turned 2 years Feb. Symptoms started in January with a longer period than normal (I’m on the pill by choice b/c I have very painful ovulation,etc. so very rare for period to linger) then in Feb. period started and never stopped. Turned into spotting and discharge. Went in to seek advice and get checked. First smear test revealed “low grade dyskariosis.” but positive for the bad ones… :frowning: HPV 16 and 18. That said, Colposcopy next where the Dr. ordered another smear test. Results of that smear (taken a week later) were Severe Dyskariosos and punch biopsies came back CIN II. I had an MRI yesterday and nothing showed up significant yet the dr. is still concerned about “micro invasive” cancer not showing up (given my symptoms). Today was my first NETZ procedure (like LEETZ but different needle deal)… boy… what a treat. :frowning: He ordered yet a 3rd smear test during the procedure as well. I know they can not tell you for certain if there is a massive problem but I’m just really scared.

Did any of you have symptoms then have LEETZ (or NETZ) that removed all abnormal cells or what was your path? I like to be prepared and know what to expect. Do you think it’s odd he ordered a 3rd smear. Does he think it is full blown cancer and not showing up on others ???

Any info. appreciated!

Thank you ladies for your honesty and your courage and strength,