New here (scope examination)

Hi I'm new here I hope I'm posting in the right place and it's ok? 

I went to see my gp yesterday after worrying about four week long periods that were so heavy I was weeing blood and shedding what looked like skin .I have also terrible back pain and suffering from abdominal pain on my left side especially and pain in my left leg. My stomach bloats up terribly and I sometimes look at least six months pregnant.  I finally stopped bleeding after it continuing for over four weeks I was also passing blood from my backside at the same time as my vaginal bleeding.  The gp did a internal examination using a scope and found that I have a yellowish bleed inside in the cervix and referred me to a gynaecologist within the next two weeks.  A urgent appointment he said.  I'm now bleeding again after the scope and my pain has increased in my stomach leg and back. 

I'm feeling rather worried. I'm guessing by the look on the gp and nurses face it's cervical cancer. 

Claire x